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Daggerfall Hex-Cheats

Note: The following cheats are done with a hex editor, for example XVI32. All the codes change existing armour and weapons, but I'm not sure what you need to do to "create" those things in the hex code. You can always edit the Biogxx.txt files. This is a work in progress. Hopefully I'll have a lot more information over the next few months.

Second Note: The numbers I use to count from the begining of a word are in hex-decimal. The editor I use shows the number of bytes highlited in hex, so that's how I count them. So the "33rd" byte is not literally 33 bytes over, but actually the 51st (I think..., 1-9, A-F...yeah.).

Note Drei: If you are scared by all the numbers and letters, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of DaggeD. You can use it to do most of what I talk about.

Armour Codes

The picture code comes in the 33rd byte from the start of the object's name and follows the pattern:

That 7D is the 34th byte and becomes 7B for Females. Argonians and Khajiits will have different values (see below).

Argonian/Human Armour

Part Leather Plate Elaborate Plate Chain
Boots 80 81 82
Cuirass 83 84 85 86 87
Gauntlets 88   89
Greaves 8A 8B 8C 8D 8E 8F 90
Left Pauldron 91 92 93 94
Right Pauldron 96 97 98 99
Helmet 9A 9B 9C 9D 9E 9F A0
Shield A1 (Buckler) A2 (Round) A3 (Kite) A4 (Tower)

Elven/Khajiit Armour

Part Leather Plate Elaborate Plate Chain
Boots 00 01 02
Cuirass 03 04 05 06 07
Gauntlets 08   09
Greaves 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F 10
Left Pauldron 11 12 13 14 15
Right Pauldron 16 17 18 19 1A
Helmet 1B 1C 1D 1E 1F 20
Shield 21 (Buckler) 22 (Round) 23 (Kite) 24 (Tower)

Type Byte 34
Weapons & Female Argonian Clothes 75
Female Elven/Human Clothes 76
Female Khajiit/ Male Argonian Clothes 77
Male Elven/Human Clothes 78
Male Khajiit Clothes 79
Female Argonian Armor 7A
Female Elven/Human Armor 7B
Female Khajiit/ Male Argonian Armor 7C
Male Elven/Human Armor 7D
Male Khajiit Armor 7E
Artifacts D8

Here is an example of code for a pair of female Dark Elf elaborate plate gauntlets:



Weapon Left Hand Right Hand
Axe 00 01
Broadsword 02 03
Claymore 04
Dagger 05 06
Dai-katana 07
Flail 08
Katana 09 0A
Long Bow 0B
Longsword 0C 0D
Mace 0E 0F
Short Bow 10
Saber 11 12
Shortsword 13 14
Staff 15
Tanto 16 17
War axe 18
Warhammer 19
Wakazashi 1A 1B

Material Codes

The Material code comes in the second and third blocks after the Style code (bytes 37 & 39) and follows the pattern:

YYyy ZZzz

yy is 00 for Leather, 01 for Chainmail, or 02 for Plate.

zz is the weight. 00 is "weightless".


YY Armour Class
ZZ Color
00 +2(Iron) 10 Dull Grey (Iron)
01 +3 (Steel) 11 Grey (Steel)
02 +3 (Silver) 12 Silver (Silver)
03 +4 (Elven) 13 Silver (Elven)
04 +5 (Dwarven) 14 Gold (Dwarven)
05 +6 (Mithril) 15 Blue (Mithril)
06 +6 (Adamantium) 16 Flat Black (Adamantium)
07 +7 (Ebony) 17 Grey Black (Ebony)
08 +8 (Orcish) 18 Green (Orcish)
09 +9 (Daedric) 19 Red (Daedric)

So the code for a pair of female Dark Elf Daedric elaborate plate gauntlets colored green is:

097B 8D67 0902 1808

If you change the 34th byte to the value that corrisponds with the type of picture you want, the program will read it and allow you to have a daedric brassiere "cuirass". You don't have to sacrifice fashion for protection.

To take a look at coding for clothing, go here.

The Rundown

So here is a run down of what I know about certain bytes:

The 21st byte controls general catagories of items and what rules your item will follow
armour=02 weapons=03 male clothes=06 female clothes=0C gems=0E Torc/Amulet/Bracelet/Bracer=19

The 23rd byte controls more specific positions in those catagories (does your item take up the chest slot or foot slot, or the torc slot?).
cuirass (chest)=00 gauntlets (hands)=01 greaves (legs)=02 l.pauldron (left shoulder/arm)=03 r.pauldron (right shoulder/arm)=04 helm (head)=05 boots (feet)=06 claymore (weapon)=09 khajiit suit=0F diamond=03 bracer=01 ring=02 bracelet=03 mark=04 torc=05 Straps=00 Short shirt=18

What about the 25th?

The 2Dth to 30th bytes control "hits". 2D and 2E make up the current hits, while 2F and 30 make up the total hits. When they both match, the item is "new". FF7FFF7F is the maximum.

The 33rd byte controls the picture of that particular item, whether it is a short shirt or a chain cuirass.

The 34th byte tells the program whether the picture is supposed to be male or female armour, a weapon, different clothes, etc...

The 35th & 36th bytes-I'm still trying to figure out exactly what the these bytes mean to the program. 35 seems to involve specific types, while 36 describes the major groups the object is in. It probably deals with what coloring scheme to use for the object (Armor or clothing?).
Boots-0166 Weapons- Longblades & Wakazashi-8267 Dagger-8567 Flail-8667 Staff-8767 Short bow-8867 Shields-8967 Cuirass-8B67 Helmet-8C67 Other Armor-8D67 Arrow-9067 Books-8268 Warhammer-036B

The 37th byte controls the armour/weapon material (Iron to Daedric) and therefor the to hit/defend bonus (+1-+9)

The 38th byte controls the armour type (leather, chain, or plate). Higher values change the armor class to ridiculus names and numbers.
00-leather 01-chain 02-plate 03-cloth...

The 39th byte controls the color. There are different codes for armour/weapons and clothes.

The 3Ath byte is the weight. Putting 00 there makes the weight zero. Or you could just adjust it for any other reason, like you feal Daedric should be slightly lighter than Ebony.

3Eth & 3Fth bytes are the enchantment points.

The 43rd byte controls which items appear over others when you wear them (cuirass over shirts and straps).

Enchantment codes start at the 44th byte and continue onward.

You can also look at Enchantment codes.

Any and all additions would be welcomed. If you have any codeing information that I don't have on the page, email me and I'll put it up. Or if you already have a website with the info, email me the address and I'll link you to my page.

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